Another Flying Geese quilt

Posted by on March 16, 2009 in blocks | 4 comments

Quilt made with the bonus HST (2 of same colour), if you use the method 2 for your Flying Geese.

I sew always 3/8in away from the diagonal and I have a lot of half square triangles ready for a miniature quilt or a matched border, or a cushion, depending the size of the first quilt…


  1. Your quilt is fabulous! Has anyone else made anything from their bonus triangles? I keep saving mine with a big scrappy future project in mind.

  2. That mini quilt is so pretty, the colors make it look antique. And Sophie, I just remembered your hst’s are still waiting to be mailed.

  3. As it happens, I have been mostly making FG with the no waste method lately, so no more bonus triangles. The last big baggie of bonus triangles I had, I sent to a friend who is “saving [hers] with a big scrappy future project in mind”. Wonder who that could be, lol.

  4. Yeah, I’ve been saving mine too…seems we get alot of bonus triangles with the lotto blocks!

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