All in, All done . . .

Posted by on April 30, 2009 in blocks | Comments Off on All in, All done . . .

What is it that the auctioneers say? I feel a little like that. The numbered list has been mailed to Michelle (mom of 11) who will be using the random number picker to choose the three winners today.

I donated my chances to our two newbies this month to give them a little newbie luck.

Everyone else’s donations have been accounted for as they asked and Rho’s extra chances (earned by finishing a top from lotto blocks) have also been added.

Looking at my spreadsheet, I see nine quilters in the drawing today that have not yet won lotto blocks–I’m crossing my fingers and sending good vibes to all of you.

Whatever you do for luck . . . now’s the time to do it.

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