April’s Lucky Ladies

Posted by on April 30, 2009 in blocks | 9 comments

And the random generated numbers are…..53, 118, 3

But that doesn’t help you….

Now checking the numbered list Sophie sent to me that means the winners are Julie, Shelley, and Barbara. Congratulations ladies. You have each won 50 blocks!


  1. Michelle, thanks for picking our lucky ladies . . . Ladies, congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations everyone….are you sure you got the spelling right for Shelley…lol

  3. Congrats to all you winners this month! I love the colors of this block and can’t wait to see what neat quilts come from them. 🙂

  4. Too cool — I can’t believe I won! Thanks for picking my name, Michelle.

  5. Julie, Shelley, and Barbara


  6. Mr Random Generator is definitively not my good friend, for sure !!!!! I am more & more disapointed each month to see always the same winners…So my blocks for Julie & Shelley will be in the mail tomorrow, but I will not play again, sorry.

  7. Sorry to see you won’t play again Bea – but I can sure understand your frustration! April ladies, your blocks have gone in the post today – am I organised or what? LOL

  8. Bea, I will miss you, but will continue to follow your quilting adventures on your blog.

    I truly expected you to win this month–with Kate’s nine donated chances you actually had better odds of winning this month than any one else. While I know from experience that everyone who sticks around wins eventually, I understand your frustration.

  9. A big thanks to you Kate & Sophie !

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