Good and Plenty

Posted by on April 1, 2009 in blocks | Comments Off on Good and Plenty

Kathie said that this month’s block reminded her of a piano recital dress from days past, so I may as well confess that after I decided on the white-pink-black colorway for this block, I was reminded of the Good and Plenty candy I remembered loving as a kid. When I went looking for a photo of the packaging, of course, now it looks completely different (with a purple background!) Last week, I found this photo of the old Good and Plenty packaging from my youth.

It’s a little yellowed and faded in this photo, but otherwise well represents the image, burned into my memory, that inspired out pink-white-black color choice this month 😉

Ps. I also learned that Good and Plenty is the OLDEST branded candy in America. Who knew? If any of this is familiar to you, or you’re curious, you can read more about the history of Good and Plenty candy on the Hershey site, here . . . and sing the famous theme song (which I confess, I DO remember).

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