I’m ready for the Sneak Peek . . . are You?

Posted by on April 21, 2009 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

There’s still lots of time to make blocks for the lotto this month, but if you want to qualify for a sneak peek message and early info about NEXT month’s lotto block, time is running out. And, in case you missed my comment on Laura’s post, we now have enough blocks entered for THREE WINNERS this month!

The sneak peek deadline is noon Eastern Daylight Time (even though I don’t live there any more) on Thursday, April 23.

You might be really surprised when you read what the May block is . . . I confess I was–I’ve been calling this block something else for as long as I’ve been a quilter and only just learned it’s historically correct name when I turned to the Encyclopedia of Pieced Blocks to look up the history of when it was first published and who gets credit for naming it.

1 Comment

  1. Good choice on the block for next month. I know everyone will love it!

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