Pink fabric rules

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Sophie, I did not see any rules on the pink fabric. I have some assorted fabric that are light pink with different pink patterns. Is that okay to use. Do you need me to upload a picture of what I have?

Thank you,
cookie michele murphy, Jonesboro AR

Edited by Sophie (with Michele’s permission) to include the response in message . . .

The guideline for the Pink Fabric was in the first message this month:

PINK may be any pink tone-on-tone (TOT) print or any multi-color print that is predominantly pint and “reads as pink” if you are looking at it from across the room.

Your fabrics sound fine. Pink can be any shade of pink–I think that’s what you’re asking–variation in our blocks is good, but we should try avoid sliding too far toward red or peach. I have included some examples of different pinks in the blog post Thrifty Q&A and have updated the first message of the month with this info.

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