Three more fat squishies in the mail

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I’m just back from the post office, where I found a very long line for the first time ever, and where I mailed three very fat squishies, containing 10 blocks each, to our march winners to Terri, Caroline and Shelley.

Did anyone else pull up a map of North Dakota to see how close Caroline was to the swollen Red River in Fargo? For someone who is as much of a tumbleweed as I am, my knowledge of geography of places I haven’t lived or visited is pretty sad, but I was curious and had to find out where our Caroline was in relationship to those places I keep hearing about on the news.

I also found it curious that all of our geese (blocks) seem to be flying NORTH . . . it must be Spring 😉

Enjoy your blocks, ladies . . . I can’t wait to see what you make from them. Now that we have completed quilt tops from January blocks and February blocks (thanks to Terri and Rho) . . . how long do you think until we’ll see a quilt from the March blocks? Hmmm . . . . I know, I’m relentless . . .

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