Quilter’s Choice in 30’s Repro’s for June

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In June, we are going to be repeating last year’s very popular QUILTER’s CHOICE event. The lotto block will be your choice(s) of 6 inch (finished size) block in 30’s reproductions on white-on-white (WOW) backgrounds.

There are some GUIDELINES for your choice and they are a little complicated, so please read the rest of this message CAREFULLY.

First, for the fabrics, If you are unclear about what 30’s reproduction fabrics look like, check out this pool of photos on Flickr:


Note: If you do not have 30’s repros in your stash and do not want to add 30’s repros to your stash, but have fabrics that you believe will blend with these fabrics, feel free to use them–look for some example of no-30’s fabrics that work pretty well.

For the blocks themselves:

  1. When choosing block patterns, please keep in mind that our overall theme for the year is traditional block patterns. Our winners next month should end up with a nice stack of traditional looking blocks for a nice 30’s sampler quilt.
  2. Pieced blocks must consist of at least 7 pieces. So, you cannot make a 4-patch or a snowball block, for example, but you can make a framed 4-patch, or a block made from 4 snowball blocks.
  3. Appliqué blocks may have fewer pieces. All edges must be turned under.

For multiple blocks:

  1. You can make the same block pattern for up to three blocks, for example, three stamp basket blocks, three house blocks, three framed pinwheel blocks for the usual maximum of 9 blocks.
  2. The usual rules of NOT making identical blocks (same fabrics) apply. If you repeat fabrics, be sure to do it in a way so you don’t end up with matching blocks. We want the winner(s) to be able to make great scrappy album style 30’s repro quilts. Pleasee mix it up in your blocks and keep them nice and scrappy,

Please use this month, to remake a favorite lotto block, or make a block that you think would make a great choice for a future month for the lotto. Last year, it was a lot of fun to see everyone’s choices. I can’t wait to see everyone’s blocks again this year.

Here are the blocks made by sneek peekers Barbara, Debbie, Ginny and Sharon . . . how about a virtual row wall quilt:

Debbie's Butterfly #3Debbie's Butterfly #2Debbie's Butterfly #3
Sharon's Fan #2Sharon's Fan #3Sharon's Fan #1
Barbara's Churndash #2Barbara's Churndash #2Barbara's Churndash #1
Barbara's Pinwheel #3Barbara's Pinwheel #2Barbara's Pinwheel #1
Ginny's Block #3Ginny's Block #2Ginny's Block #1
Ginny's Block #6Ginny's Block #4Ginny's Block #5

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  1. WOW! What a GREAT start!

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