A few more 30’s sampler blocks

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Since I had some 30’s fabrics out, I couldn’t resist making a few more of my favorite lotto blocks in 30’s repros . . . and appease my Hostess guilt over never making blocks last month.

Stamp Basket "Boomerette" Ohio Star
House Block Scrappy Heart Oklahoma Boomer
Maple Leaf Annie's Choice Cactus Pot

I think I may have some sort of fabric addiction when it comes to 30’s repros . . . it was really bugging me that I wasn’t able to make blocks last month.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom, the blocks are Stamp Basket, Julie’s Boomerette, Ohio Star, my “Amish” House, Scrappy Heart, Oklahoma Boomer, Maple Leaf, Annie’s Choice and Cactus Pot. I love remaking some of our favorites and “breaking” the original rules, like I did for the Ohio Star, Amish House and Cactus Pot . . . I’m such a rebel 😉

I figure if I send these all to Ginny, she’ll end up with a total one short of my target of a ideal set size of 48 blocks for each of our block lotto winners. Win-win and I’ve satisfied my 30’s itch, too 😉

1 Comment

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! Is this my lucky day or what???

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