1. Adorable! I definitely want if you can create a pdf or jpg–otherwise, I can draw my own girl Boomer. Since I now know that you have EQ (and I do not), I'm also going to send you some email about creating the PHP foundation for our Boomer block, if you're willing . . . I'll email you with Debbie's sketch that shows how it can be done in two units. The seams are slightly different than in the traditionally pieced version, but the result is the same.

  2. Julie, Thanks for figuring out a feminine version of the Boomer, although these days the version with pants could probably be unisex. I know, for me, that it's once is a blue moon that I put on a skirt! I think she would be the perfect addition to any project made with these blocks.
    Kathie from Allentown

  3. She's great! I guess I wasn't the only one thinking there should be female boomers. Do you think there were any men making quilts when this pattern came about?

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