Three Spool Block Variations

Posted by on November 10, 2009 in blocks | Comments Off on Three Spool Block Variations

Here are three more blocks for this month–I’ll be donating the chances for these.

Sophie's Spool #3 Sophie's Spool Block #1 Sophie's Spool Block #2

If you click the photo to see the larger images to see where the seams are (and where they aren’t), you’ll be able to tell that they were not made from squares and half square triangle units. I’ll be posting directions in the next day or so, if anyone is interested . . . and you might be, if you want to use 2.5 inch noodles or don’t want to slice up a large print any more than necessary.

It’s not rocket science and you could probably figure it our on your own, but it was fun to play with the various ways one COULD make this block . . . OK, we all know just how easily amused I am 😉

BTW, it is perfectly OK to make this block however you like this month as long as the proportions are the same as the blocks we’ve been making. If you’re especially on the run this month, you might even think about carrying them with you and hand-piecing them, like my center block.

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