November and December Blocks

Posted by on December 7, 2009 in blocks | Comments Off on November and December Blocks

When short noticed surgery occurred on December 1, I did not worry too much about not getting the sneak peak – I wasn’t home for the holidays and did not have time after. However, I did worry about getting the squares mailed. Luckily the doctor let me go home on Saturday and I was able to convince my DH to go by my office and get the squares, mailers and labels. Therefore, I will try and mail the squares to the winners tomorrow or the next day (I have postage here).
As for December, what I was able to get on my BlackBerry while I was in the hospital looked a bit formidable as I am not into applique and have never been into applique. Once I had time to read more fully the posting, I will brave it. I did enjoy the heart applique last year and will try circles this time.
Since I am supposed to stay down at least another week (the surgeon knew I had to be in Court trying a boat load of cases on Dec. 14, 15 16 and 17, then I will recontinue a bit of rest until after the first of the year), I might have time while home to get a few blocks done – don’t really want to spoil my record of participation with Sophie and the Block Lotto – I actually enjoy these challenges most months.

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