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I’m sitting and waiting for the clock to strike 11 o’clock here–that’s NOON on the east coast and the deadline for posting blocks.  

This has been an unusual month for the Block Lotto, starting from the challenge block choice.  Whether you like your blocks, aren’t quite satisfied with your results or even tried and gave up, I hope everyone gives themselves a lot of credit for trying something new (and maybe a little scary).  It’s like quilting without a net until you get used to it.

More than a quarter of the blocks made have had their chances donated. And, of course, there’s our newest (and youngest!) newbie, Hannah Mae–welcome to the group, girlfriend!  This month is also the first time in more than 3 years (and only the second time ever) that I just couldn’t resist including myself in the drawing . . . and yes, my fingers are crossed for good look.

FYI, the donated chances will be going to our newbie this month, Hannah Mae; Linda and June (who have not yet won a set of lotto blocks); and Michelle (who hasn’t won for over a year and still manages, most years, to make more lotto blocks than anyone else.)

Right now, there are 35 blocks entered, which means that the first name randomly chosen will receive 20 blocks and the second winner will receive 15 (plus any others that are posted in the next 30 minutes 😉 

The list of names is all-but-ready to be sent to Ginny, who will be choosing our two winners this month. I am going to pop downstairs to the grocery on the ground floor and pick up a carton of milk so I can make myself a nice tall latté (my current guilty pleasure is some almond joy flavored coffee) and, after I send the list to Ginny, get busy putting together our “virtual quilt” for March so that everything will be ready to publish at midnight tonight.

Edited to Add . . .

While you’re waiting (for the winners name or the March block to be posted), be sure to check out this post on Krista’s blog.  She came up with a very interesting way to sash some of her tic-tac-toe blocks.

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  1. I'm a bit gutted, I'd got my letters all planned out but have been away from home for weeks and ran out of time. sigh.
    I might make them anyway just for myself…
    I'm certainly going to try them out for other ideas, thanks so much for the challenge (even though I pathetically failed to get any blocks done – which is super-rude as I won on my first month of playing, I'm feeling rather guilty!)

    On the bright side, I'm at home all next week, and whatever the March challenge turns out to be, I'm going to make at least one block and donate my chances for the month.

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