Another interesting Circle Quilt and National Quilting Day

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If you were a fan of the polka dot blocks we made in December,  surf over to Kathy York’s blog and check out the circle quilt she made from her new fabric line, Urban Landscape. 

I also have a photo of a cool circle quilt (with an interesting twist) from the Dallas Quilt Show last weekend . . . but almost all of my photos are still in the camera.  Uh oh … didn’t someone make a commercial about that?

National Quilting Day (in the US) is coming up this weekend . . . is anyone planning to do something especially quilty?  (You can read about the origins of National Quilts Day here.)  I am planning to join some of the members of the new Dallas chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild for a sew-in.   I still need to decide for sure on which project to pack-up and take along.


  1. It is the meeting day for our Modern Quilt Guild too but we still haven't found a good place to meet… so no sewing for us. The meeting will be fun though.

  2. The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild had their first meeting last month … on the same day as the Quilters Guild of Dallas, so I missed it. I'm hoping they don't choose to continue to meet on the same day. This sew-in is my first chance to meet the group.

  3. maybe they're trying to force people to choose Sophie? Would there be enough quilters to sustain both on the same day?

  4. A couple of friends and I are participating in the Houston "shop hop" this weekend. It last for 2 weekends,though I can only go today. Have fun everybody!

  5. Thanks for the mention of my blog! Looking forward to seeing your photos of Dallas, so I will be back!

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