Progress – Block Lotto January 2010 Tic Tac Toe winnings

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I’ve not been around much as my computer had a virus and I was not going to take the risk of passing it on! Anyway it’s all working again so I can show you that I’ve begun to sash the blocks and join them together.  With hindsight I should have checked all the blocks are the same size, and made sure my sashing was too. Nevermind, it’ll cheer up my bedroom no end to have this on the bed to protect it against Ivor cat hairs and the quilt police don’t know where I live….

I’m using all the blocks I won, but have made some extra blocks in the same white background and then some with hand-dyed backgrounds with white haches on.  I’ve arranged them 7 across and 9 down in the order of the spectrum (red/ orange/ yellow/ green/ blue/ indigo/ violet but with 2 extra rows that are yellow/green and blue/green because I got more of some colours than others).  Sashing is white, and then the cornerstones (well they’re in the corner but don’t look to hard at the matching – they don’t!) are in complementary colours (well as near as I could find in my stash – green/ blue/ purple/ dark magenta/ red/ reddish-orange/ orange/ yellow).

As you can see, I’ve done 3 & half rows (red, orange, yellow, yellowy/green mixed) so far, with another 5 to go (green, greeny/blue mixed, blue, indigo & violet) to go.  Poor Ivor cat currently languishes on a plain white sheet covering my duvet cover, when it’s eventually finished, he’ll be in colourful luxury!
I’ve been looking at Lazy Gal Tonya’s letters and the lettering that was the Block for February (that I didn’t get around to joining in on) – and if the quilt needs a border on one or two sides I’m thinking of doing liberated lettering ‘Block Lotto January 2010’ or similar in white lettering on handdyed background.  First I’ve got to make the blocks go together, I’m getting ahead of myself again!
I’m biased and inexperienced, so I think it’s going to be gorgeous!
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