Fooling Around

Posted by on August 5, 2010 in blocks | 4 comments

I am playing with different ideas in my head for a quilt of rose blocks.  I am not donating this one for the lotto, but I thought would share my attempt at making a block having 3 roses inside one nine inch block.


  1. I thought about making a block (for the lotto) with multiple roses). I like yours. I also want to do something in miniature … and had a brainstorm today that I'm hoping I can play with sometimes this weekend.

  2. Oh, that sounds intriguing. I was also wondering what other flowers could be done this way. The fireworks blocks remind me of cosmos. But a black eyed susan would be fun…

  3. Here's a link to a very old blog post with a daisy that was improvisationally pieced. The technique is more akin to the Reeds blocks we made a couple months ago than our roses, but it is a "liberated" flower.

  4. These are very small pieces! Bravo for do this – having different sizes would make the quilt more interesting. Good idea!

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