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I tried making this block and had all kinds of trouble.  Can people please post extra hints for me???
I am am not sure if I am starting off with pieces to small or what.  Then it really razzed me trying to have straight of grain on the borders.  What size middle piece are you girls starting with and what size width are your strips??? I ended up with too small of a block.


  1. My centers are between 2-3 inches. The first "logs" I add are wedge shapes that are around 1-1/4 inch on the small end and 1-3/4 at the wide end. For me, the "logs" got wider overall as I worked my way out from the center.

    It is definitely NOT a requirement that you end up with blocks with edges that are on-grain. If that's what's messing you up, then please, just make the blocks however they come out for you. This *is* liberated quilting, after all 😉

  2. Sophie,

    Maybe i will try again tomorrow. Right now I have a 8.5 inch purple rose! Oh well.

  3. I'm using pieces similar to Sophie…about 2 inches for the center and strips between 1.5 and 2 inches. Remember the "liberated" rules of quilting – if it's too small, add on! So just add some more green to the borders to bring it up to 9.5 inches.

  4. Thanks, I am going to see if i can make the one i did work. I also have a habit of wanting to cut it and have it more that five sides to keep it round, but that doesn't seem to matter. I also noticed some have more than 4 pieces of green for the set in so I think I can make this work!

  5. OK, I'm not one for giving advice as this is a big experiment for me. But since I was using scraps, I let the pieces I had determine what shape they were going to be, and just added them. ????

  6. Andi's right. If I had 8.5" blocks, I'd cut two 1.5" green background strips and add them to two adjacent sides and then square it up to 9.5 inches–the bonus would be that those sides would now have on-grain edges 😉

    When I think about how *I* would probably set these blocks, I think about adding more dark and medium greens (maybe string blocks/or string pieced sashing) to let the roses pop against the duller background.

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