Roses for August from Wendy Lee

Posted by on August 10, 2010 in blocks | 3 comments

Here’s my garden for August.  You know, for all the trouble that yellow one gave me, it should look better!  I couldn’t seem to get a seam in the right place anywhere on that one.  I found these challenging, but in a good way.  If you haven’t made any yet, here’s my advice:  cut your strips about 150% as wide as you think you need them — especially in the green!.  You can always trim.


  1. Uh oh. Help, I can't figure out WHICH WENDY made these blocks? Wendy K from Maine or Wendy Lee P from Texas? I can usually tell by checking out your blogs, but–since neither of you has posted these blocks on your blog yet–this time I'm stumped.

  2. Sorry! It's me, Wendy Lee!

  3. Thanks for the quick response. I've updated the list. You're all set.

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