The Yellow Rose of Texas … and her Wonky Blue Friends

Posted by on August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Here are my first four blocks.

Sophie's Rose Block #2   Sophie's Rose Block #3
Sophie's Rose Block #4   Sophie's Rose Block #1

Can you tell I started with the bag of BLUE scraps?  I promise to make some blocks in some other color next 😉 

As I made the blocks, I realized I was making my own rules for things like fabric and the shape of my logs. If you’re curious, blogged about my process and my rules on my blog, but I’m curious if anyone else has created their own personal rules for growing wonky roses?


  1. Your roses are beautiful! I particularly like the first two. The lively prints really define the shape nicely.

  2. I usually "push" the guidelines (while staying within them) to see if they work. That's why I tried the bright yellow print with fruits and flowers. The fabric passed my reads as yellow from across the room test, but I think the additional colors and pattern do seem to make the whimsical rose come alive (for me, anyway).

  3. I agree Sophie, the yellow rose reads yellow, but the print keeps it interesting and gives it movement. I started a white rose tonight, and I think it looks a bit flat, though perhaps when the green gets on it will liven up a bit.

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