2 for September

Posted by on September 14, 2010 in blocks | Comments Off on 2 for September

What’s a good way to fill time waiting for surgery? Build a couple of wonky, liberated houses! I have my surgery coming Wednesday morning, and it will include a stay in the hospital overnight at least. I’ve been doing a lot of nothing but stewing, anxious to hear test results , and worried a bit about surgery (2-3 hours was what the nurse figures I’ll be on the table). So tonight I decided to sew, having cleared up the sewing room enough to work. Here is the result of my effort…2 houses, one big, one small…

These are fun and easy and I hope I’m up to doing some more soon after surgery. Tomorrow I really need to do laundry and clean house…or make sure the kids do! BTW, my PET scan came back all clear but the mass on the adrenal gland, which is to be removed in surgery and biopsied. Oncologist was pleased with the test results, so I’m pretty confident all will be fine, but a few more thoughts and prayers sure couldn’t hurt!

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