Posted by on September 13, 2010 in blocks | 2 comments

Here’s my September offering – not very wonky, I’m afraid, though I think they are cute… This month I will probably be limited to these two blocks – not because I don’t have time (though that’s always a bit in short supply) but because I don’t have any more turquoise solid or TOT fabric! I do really like this house pattern, though, and was inspired to make some more blocks for myself with non-turquoise skies…


  1. I like your houses –and LOVE the canal house!

  2. I don't think "liberated" MUST be interpreted as "wonky." Your houses are charming and obviously not cut from the same pattern 😉

    (And like Kim, I am loving your canal houses!!)

    I've added your houses to the list. Our new total-so-far this month is 68 house blocks.

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