It’s Time to Mail the Roses

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Yes, it’s that time  . . .  but first, I need to thank two people. 

Thank you, Andra, for following up with your mom, Janet, so I could put the mailing information together for everyone tonight. (Janet didn’t know she had won until Andra called–isn’t that a nice phone call to receive!)

Thank you to our newbie, Ramie, who–because of technical difficulities–posted her roses about a minute after the deadline . . . It meant her name did NOT go onto the list for the drawing, but she generously decided to send them to the winners anyway.

With Ramie’s additional 5 roses, our total for August was 122 blocks.  This means:

Maree will receive 42 roses
Janet will receive 40 roses
Wendy will receive 40 roses

Ladies, start your engines (and your wildest design ideas) and start planning the design of those quilts.  I can’t wait to see them.

The email with the mailing information has been sent to everyone who made blocks in August.  Let me know ASAP if you did NOT receive it. 

For those in the US, remember that Monday is Labor Day, a USPS holiday.

If you post a message when you send/receive rose blocks, please add the label: log cabin rose. It will make it easier for me to find all the messages when I’m trying to figure out which blocks have gone astray 😉

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