Some Design Ideas from a Traditional House Quilt

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Detail from House QuiltThis detail photo is from a group quilt I saw at the Austin Area Quilt Guild show yesterday. It was made by Lorraine Mossman, Jill Bacon, Eugenia Brix, Ann Byrd, Betty Novak, Carol Hassell, Andi Horton, Marcia Kaylakie, Kathleen McCrady, Ericka Rogala, Rebecca Salinger, Marianner Schmitz, Sue Laurent and Karen White; and quilted by Kyra Thomas-Moore.

I loved the larger-than-life kitty peering out of this window … and thought it might inspire those of us that have not yet made their house blocks this month to think about how scale can contribute to the overall impression of the block. When I noticed this block, I immediately imagined my great big tom cat squeezing himself into a doll house and getting stuck there 😉

I also thought that the classic setting on this quilt could easily be liberated for an interesting setting with our liberated house blocks–just imagine that all the triangle corners on the sashings (and even that outer border) being added in a free-style fashion, in an assortment of sizes. 

House Quilt

(I apologize for the quality of the photos–I forgot my camera and took these with my phone.)

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