I had so much fun in my little basket of scraps!

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I have really been stepping outside my usual star shaped box on these and just playing with angles.  I love them! Here are my first four.  I have enjoyed making them, I am sure there will be more to come.


  1. Christina, I'm concerned about those skinny framing strips you added to make some of your blocks large enough. They seem so narrow that they might cause problems when someone tries to sew them into a top. Did you start with 3.5 inch squares of background fabric?

    Someone asked about adding framing strips in the comments on the October Guidelines post and I responded saying that they should be avoided. I apologize for not bringing that info up into the blog post … which I realize I should have done and now have done:

    Avoid framing too small blocks. Your block should be based on a 9 patch construction. If you're worried your block will come out too small, start with slightly larger squares.

  2. I emailed you back, sophie. Go ahead and pull those three from the lotto and I will use them myself. I had seriously considered keeping them for myself anyways! 🙂 I will make more

  3. Thanks, Christina. I know I am sounding not very liberated this month … but my rationale is that when a bunch of people are making blocks–even liberated blocks–it helps to keep a few things constant so that they go together easily and play nicely.

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