Opinion on building a Wonky House?

Posted by on October 3, 2010 in blocks | 7 comments

I only just now unpacked my travel sewing things to mail my Sept. blocks; hence this late house question.

When I was at my mother’s making the Sept. Wonky Houses, my Mom had a scrap of fabric with a woman on it. She was a little too big for the BL directions, so a bigger house got built around her! In any case, I found the green polka dot batik that I was going to add for a “lawn” effect, but Mom thought it was too much.

So what do you think? Lawn or no lawn? (Or lawn in a different fabric?). Any other suggestions? The block will end up being about 16″ wide and there will be panes in the windows. Sadly, I only just now realized that I could have made the house bend against her for a fun effect.


  1. Seriously, It's entirely a matter of designer's choice … and what you are going to do with this block. Is it the pattern in the lawn that your mom thought was "too much?" You could try auditioning a less contrasty print (something like a green-on-green print or solid) and see if YOU like it better.

    I love the woman in the doorway. She deserves a house 😉

  2. I like the lawn fabric for the lawn. But if you feel it's too much, how about a less busy fabric with some of that yellowy green in it? I've found that yellow greens go well with turquoise and purple. The woman is wonderful in your house-the block would be a great one block wall quilt, with borders, or it could be the center of a liberated medallion quilt.

  3. I honestly like it both ways. I would decide which one to do when you have the surrounding fabrics selected, then see how the bigger picture looks.

  4. Mom thought the pattern and shadows in the green were too busy (but I'll say she's not a fan of liberated looks). I had imagined that it would be a one block wall hanging, but I got excited about the free form trees in Mary's (?) house quilt from her blog, so it may grow!

  5. … whatever you decide, I hope you'll post a photo of the finished piece. It has lots of possibilities, however you decide to use it.

  6. I love the lawn because of where you have it placed it looks like light streaming out of the door onto the grass in the evening.

  7. Just Jenn–that's what I thought. I'll be patient and see how the other blocks look against it.

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