Two more October blocks

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One thing Ii love about Block Lotto is that it encourages me to try new things and learn from them.  I tried to use this block as an exercise in value.  I tried to ignore color and really focus on light and dark.  One thing I found out was that I didn’t have many colored fabrics that were light in value, and the neutrals that I have are not necessarily light in value. This picture is a little dark, but I hope my experiments worked out okay.  I definitely will be more aware of value when I’m picking out material for my next project.

Janet (S)


  1. I think your blocks work. I've updated your number of blocks in the list–2 for you for a total-so-far of 31 blocks.

    When you look at scrap quilts–antiques or modern ones–you can really see the role that value plays in the design. Roberta Horton's book on Scrap Quilts (out of print, but maybe in your library) talks about it alot … but also shows examples of when the quilter flaunted the rules. Like the saying goes, you need to learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

  2. I like your right block. I have the same problem of having two few light value fabrics in my stash. From an online quilt class, I learned the trick of using red cellophane (that comes with gift baskets, etc.) if you don't have a value finder.

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