Greetings from a newbie…

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Greetings everyone from another newbie.  I have been watching the block lotto for sometime now and was very sad that I didn’t discover it in time to participate in the wonky house month (I love quilts with houses on them).  I decided to join in this month because I love the scrappy way the blocks look when placed next to each other.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE scrappy quilts too!
I made three square in a square blocks.  I used 30s fabric in the main block on the two blocks below.

I used batiks (I love batiks) in the main 8″ block below.

I share a blog with some family members at Daughters of Dorinda.  We’ve spent the past two years re-creating a quilt made and designed by my Great Great Great Great Grandmother Dorinda.  You can check it out on my blog. 
I have been quilting heavily for over 16 years, but made my first one in junior high school.  I am comfortable with all types of techniques, I hand quilt, I machine quilt on my Bernina, but mostly I LOVE to design quilts.  I like traditional quilts but am easing into some art quilting.  I love all colors but especially those in the autumn color wheel and batiks.
Thanks for letting me join!
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