Have YOU Mailed your Variable Star Blocks?

Posted by on November 18, 2010 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Michelle has received all of her blocks, but the other winners are all still waiting.  We’re less than a week away from the DECEMBER Sneak Peek … it looks like there might be as many as six people who have not yet mailed.

If I couldn’t tell (based on messages posted about mailing or receiving blocks), you will have email from me. Please take a minute and let me know that your blocks are in the mail or when you think you’ll be able to mail them to the winners.



I have confirmed that ALL the blocks have been mailed.  I’ll bet that it won’t be long until we see some BEAUTIFUL quilts made from all those stars 😉


  1. I did mail my blocks to Belinda at the same time I mailed Michelle's. I was computerless at the time and couldn't post that I had sent them. Its funny that they arrived out-of-state faster than in-state!

  2. Mine went out in two different packages, lol. I couldn't find one for a few days, but they're all on their way!

  3. It's not required that you post when you mail (or if you're a winner, that you have received blocks.) I think it's nice for everyone to know when blocks are on their way (or received), and since most of us DO post, I usually have a good idea about how we're doing.

    I have heard from everyone that I wasn't sure about today and it's OFFICIAL: all the blocks have been mailed.

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