Results of Last Month’s Poll about the 2011 Block Lotto

Posted by on November 20, 2010 in blocks | 6 comments

I asked what kind of lotto blocks we should make in 2011.  58 people voted–thank you–and here’s the result.

More than half wanted a mix of styles and techniques, but every category had some significant followers.

For those of you who voted “best of lotto”  . . . please leave a comment and tell me which lotto blocks you’d like to see repeated and if you’d like to give them a new twist (different colors, different size, or different in some other way), let us know.   With a little effort, I can figure out which are the blocks with the highest numbers . . . but I’m thinking those aren’t necessarily the same ones that some people would like another chances to win.

Actually, no matter HOW you voted or even if you DIDN’T vote in the poll, if you have a block you think I should consider for next near, or a colorway that we’ve skipped (or that you’d like to repeat) feel free to leave a comment and tell me about it.


  1. Sophie,
    I'd really love to see something like the 16-patch or string block again in any size. But I love scrappy….
    I'd also love to see anything in red/ivory combo.
    Wendy Lee

  2. Have you done a black and white?

  3. I am also interested in black and white.

  4. I would love a village quilt – houses. I missed the wonky house month, so this would thrill me.

    How about a theme quilt where we could make any block a prescribed size as long as it fits a theme such as a holiday, springtime, winter, sailboats, trees, etc…

    What about a quilt block that represents something from where we live (our state or country)? Since this is an international group, such a quilt would be very special and memorable especially if the maker would describe "why" it represents their home in the blog post or in the mailer.

    What if you came up with a traditional quilt block and allowed us to make it in any of three different sizes that would sew up nicely together. Blocks made 3", 6", 9" and 12" would all fit together nicely in a quilt. It would create a slightly liberated quilt look with a traditional block.

  5. I would like to try the dots one from last year. Nothing to stop me trying by myself of course 🙂

    I like DJ's last paragraph idea, but not quite sure how it would be done to make sure winners ended up with a good mix of sizes?!?

  6. Those polka dot blocks made a couple of wonderful quilts, didn't they? I agree that would be a fun one to try again … but, honestly, I'd be content to try most of the old lotto blocks again, i a different colorway or with some other twist 😉

    I have been thinking about dj's idea of different sized blocks, too. The funny thing is that the distribution of lotto blocks is almost always completely random, but it seems to always come out OK.

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