Posted by on December 17, 2010 in blocks | Comments Off on I’m BACK

Two days without a computer felt like an ETERNITY.

I have never in my life had a problem with memory, but suddenly my Mac wouldn’t start and was BEEPING in a very un-Mac-like way (seriously, it took me a while to accept that it was the computer and not the printer or something else in the apartment). Using my iPhone to search the web, I learned that the pattern of beeps meant that the Mac couldn’t find any usable memory.  Yikes.

Getting it fixed was a comedy of errors–let’s just say my experience with the Geniuses at the Apple Store Genius Bar had me thinking I might never buy another Apple product again–but it’s back and better than ever (since I decided to add more memory while I was replacing the broken stuff).

Since I have been operating with only my iPhone for the past few days … it might be a good time for everyone who has made blocks to double check that I haven’t left you off the list or haven’t updated your number of pairs of trees in the list or … made some other goof.

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