My CATS love the roses, too

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Log Cabin RosesI wanted to take a photo of the roses I’ve received from Carolyn, June and Mary Jane … but if one cat wasn’t inspecting them, the other was and I ended up with a lot of photos that look like this one. As you can see, Grace thought the roses were heavenly.

(I did get one photo of all the blocks sans cat–after I cropped him out of the frame.  Click the link to see Gracie’s personal favorite 😉

Roses in DecemberThank you for the lovely blocks.  I probably won’t get back to working on my quilt until after the holidays, but I couldn’t resist spreading them out on the design floor and enjoying them.

Believe it or not, there are still roses blooming in Austin, Texas.  Here’s a photo of one taken near my office last week.


  1. I love your roses too.
    Are they easy to make?

  2. Your cats have good taste.

  3. Cathy, you can check out the directions and judg for yourself: Let's Grow Roses.

    I think most of the quilters who made these roses for the block lotto would say the first couple are challenging, but they get easier and more fun as you make a few.

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