Sneak Peek of January Block

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I ended up doing something today I never thought I’d be doing again on Christmas Eve–unpacking and packing some of my belongings into a storage space.  I had been on a waitlist for a larger space and today was the deadline for moving from one to the other.  It sort of threw a monkey wrench into my plans for the day, including putting together the sneak peek email (including the sample block I haven’t yet made and the directions for it that I haven’t yet written).

I WILL get it out to everyone sometime this weekend, with my apologies to those of you who aren’t busy with Christmas plans and, like me, probably wouldn’t have time to look at it for at least a couple days anyway.

Ps.   I found my original two pair of simple trees and have added them to the list. 

Four Tree Blocks

We now have 98 pairs … and only need 2 more (pairs) to have enough for FIVE WINNERS.

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