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Yay I get to play… Sorry for the terrible picture my design wall is buried (Christmas) the orange blocks on the right are donation blocks if anyone wants them… there was a little slub int he fabric that I didn’t notice until I put the block together. Also if the yellow ones are too weird you don’t need to count them Sophie.


  1. The yellow trees look great as do all the others. Love the colours.

  2. I love the way everyone's trees are so different…

  3. The yellow ones are NOT "too weird." All the things that make our blocks slightly different will contribute to a lovely forest for our winners this month.

    I've added the 5 pairs to the list and will check with the winners after their names are drawn and give you some direction for that slightly less than perfect orange pair.

    Our new total-so-far this month is 79 PAIRS.

  4. I love the colors you used. And your yellow trees aren't weird – they are unique!

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