March Fabric Preview

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Red & White fabricsThis short month already seems like it’s flying by . . . in two short weeks, it will already be time for the March sneak peek.

For those who like to plan ahead or shop ahead, here’s some examples of what we’ll be using in March.

RED – Any shade of red will work, but no pinks and be careful about red-violets and red-oranges–it’s a slippery slope . . .  as I discovered when I was pulling fabrics from my scraps and decided some really were more violet (or orange) than red.

Your red fabrics may be solid or print–prints may contain some white and/or black and shades of red–no other colors please.

If you make multiple blocks in March, you’ll need a different red fabric for each one.

WHITE – Can be solid or white-on-white.  If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same white for all your blocks

You will NOT be able to use narrow fabrics (noodles, jelly rolls, etc) for these blocks, but layer cakes or other 10″ squares will work well. (You’ll use about half of it to make one block.)

The decision to make Red and White blocks in March was heavily influences by the Folk Art Museum’s show of Red & White quilts which will take place in New York at the end of March: Infinitie Variety.  I’m currently entertaining the fantasy of finding a cheap flight and getting away for a weekend in NY  . . . is anyone else planning to be there?


  1. I live in NY and would LOVE to meet you if you come!

  2. I also live in NYC and my Mom is thinking about coming up for the same exhibit. I'll be in South Africa in mid-March, but would totally love to meet you if we are in the city the same time!

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