The January Mailing Info has been mailed

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If you made blocks in January (all 50-some of you),  you should have email from me with the information you need to mail your blocks to 1, 2 or 3 of our 12 winners.

For those used to receiving all the info on one page, you may be a little surprised when you receive the 3 page document–one page for all the winner addresses and a chart so big it took 2 pages …

I strongly urge the winners to print the chart (page 2-3) and check off your blocks as they arrive … with 378 blocks flying around, it could be a little hard for me to help you figure out which ones you’re still missing in a few weeks.

I am sorry for the delay in getting the info to you–after my adventure with rolling blackouts, my cable (and cable internet) went out.  While my iPhone makes a great flashlight and way to get email, there was no way I could have used it to mail out the info to all of you … maybe I really do NEED an iPad 😉

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