3 from Andra

Posted by on March 18, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

I made six blocks but there are only 3 different reds so put me down for three, Sophie, and then I will donate the other three.  I love the red and white together.


  1. The duplicate blocks cannot count for chances–donated or not–because they don't meet the guidelines of using unique red fabrics. We can include them as extras this month because we know we we will have multiple winners–PLEASE be sure NOT to send any dups to the same winner when you mail your blocks.

  2. I guess I am confused about what a "donated" block is then. Will they not be counted in the total?

  3. I use the term donated to refer to donated chances in the drawing. So, for example, if someone makes more than 9 blocks, as I have this month, I can only donate 9 chances, though I can contribute more blocks. You can certainly contribute extra blocks to the total, but blocks which are "donated" to newbies (and others that haven't yet won) for chances should otherwise follow all the guidelines.

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