One last block!

Posted by on March 31, 2011 in blocks | 1 comment

There was an unfinished D4P block sitting on my sewing table since the sneak peek. I had every intention of making that and five more, but it was not to be. Plus my camera decided not to work this morning, so here is a crappy picture taken with my computer webcam. Red and white quilts are not my thing, but since seeing the show here in NYC, I’m hoping one of my lame four chances is lucky!

1 Comment

  1. It only takes ONE chance to win 😉

    Seeing the show did make me think about what great quilts are winners will be making this month.

    I've updated your numbers on the list … which I am beginning work on now (since it's a very long one this month) so I'll be ready to check for any last minute blocks (I know of at least one more person who intends to post) before I send it off to Julie in California to pick the winners.

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