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Hi, I’m Sandi and I’m a total newbie to Block Lotto. I saw it mentioned in a magazine I was reading and hopped on over on March 1st and loved this block so much I decided not to hesitate and I jumped right in.
Sophie said I should do a little intro, so here goes…. My grandmother was a quilter and I always loved when we would go to her house and the quilt frame had been let down from the ceiling in her old farmhouse and she was working on one of her creations. Like any good grandmother would she tried to pass on the love for quilting, but like many youngsters I didn’t have the patience or appreciation to withstand the lessons then. I sure wish I had. Fast forward to 2002 – I had just moved and joined a Newcomers club and one of the other ladies offered to host/teach a quilting group if any of us were interested. I signed up partly because of my grandmother and partly to have something to do. I found that I really loved making beautiful pieces out of little bits. The group fell apart after about 18 months and I did some on my own, but not consistently. Last year I started thinking about my quilting more and got out some of my UFO’s from several years ago and worked on them some and got hooked again.
I moved again in January this time to SE GA, so have had lots of time to start and not quite finish a pretty simple quilt for my son’s 22nd birthday next month. Should be working on that instead of playing on the computer – LOL So there you go, my quilting history in a nutshell. I’m somewhere between a beginner and intermediate I think. The lady teaching really was a good teacher, but not enough experience yet to comfortable call my self intermediate.

Sorry I got chatty! On to my 6 beautiful Lotto Blocks. (provided posting a pic is really as easy as Sophie said it was – LOL) Okay, I thought the picture would be after my post, and I can’t figure out how to move it. Any tips for that? Also, I see it is a horrible picture. I’ll try to improve that later.

I I loved the block so much that I did a little math and made a 12 inch block for one of those UFO’s from years ago. I need a few more blocks to finish a QS sampler quilt and I made one. I was gonna post a pic of it too, but since my pic didn’t work the way I thought it would I won’t.

Thanks for letting me play!


  1. Welcome. Glad to have someone else from SE GA on board. I'm in Waycross.

  2. Welcome to the block lotto, Sandi! I've added your blocks to the list–our new total-so-far this month is 345 blocks. Wow! We may actually come close to that incredible January number …

    One way to change the position of a photo within a blog post is to highlight it, "cut" it, move the cursor to where you want it to be, and "paste."

  3. Well, Mary Jane, we are practically neighbors. I am just up the road in Jesup.

  4. Welcome, welcome, and welcome! We are sewww glad to have you. Come on on in and stay for a while. It's fun here!!

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