D4P mailed to Biggleswade

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Today I mailed the 3 D4P blocks to Celine In Biggleswade, UK. I had never heard of Biggleswade, so I looked it up on the Internet. Once I got to a site about the town, I looked at real estate for sale or lease (or “let” as they say in the UK!).
It was very interesting and I noticed several main differences in housing from the U.S.
1. The clothes washing machine is in the kitchen. (I never did see a clothes dryer)
2. The bathrooms are very small rather than the luxurious, spacious ones we build here.
3. There was a very limited amount of storage space in the homes. What does a quilter do with his or her stash?

Maybe our UK block lotto friends could educate us (or me; maybe everyone else already knows about these things!)

Gail in Vegas

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