They are all here! D4P

Posted by on April 15, 2011 in blocks | 1 comment

Hi Ladies
I received some more D4P’s in the mail today – unfortunately my batteries are dead in my digital and are not receiving a charge. Reckon it is time to break down and purchase some new batteries!

I received more gorgeous blocks in the post today. What a nice welcome home from work!
Thanks go out to:
Shelley in ME
Wendy in Amarillo
& Kim in Hong Kong

Sophie and creators of these received blocks ~ I have so enjoyed being the recipient of GOOD MAIL for a brief change of pace. Each block is precious and more lovely than my pictures can represent.

I promise I will put the blocks together soon! And of course, I will have new batteries ready to snap their beauty for you to see.

Once again, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Comment

  1. I do think that "good mail" feeling was a strong motivator for all the online fabric and block swaps I used to join. It's great, isn't it? Thanks for the update.

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