Happy to join you

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Good Morning!

I’m so happy to join you in Block Lotto.  It’s a wonderful idea.  I had so much fun sewing up my blocks.  I only did two – I wanted to make more but time got away from me.  It had a little to do with running off to Las Vegas too.  (hehehe)

Okay so here’s a little bit about me.  I live in Bakersfield, California and have a wonderful husband that likes my quilting hobby.  And I have two grown daughters (including 3 grand kids) and one daughter that is still in high school.  I’ve been playing around with this quilting adventure for about 10 years.  I haven’t made lots of quilts as my full-time job sort of gets in the way.  LOL!!   I also have 3 little annoying dogs that I just love to death.  They really love my quilts too – and lay on my quilts every chance they can!  (But not the block lotto blocks so don’t worry – no dog hair!) 

Me, Linda W., and my granddaughter, Violet.

Thanks for letting me join,
Linda W.

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