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I learn so much from Block Lotto.

When Sophie announced the color requirements of this block, I kind of wondered about it.  First of all, I’ve never bought grey fabric in my life, so needless to say, there wasn’t any in my scraps.  Going to the store and looking at it, buying some, and working with it was like an “ah ha” moment.  I love the greys!  Why have I not used them before?  They make such a rich neutral color.  They will be a nice stable element through these scrappy blocks.

 I also thought she was a little bit crazy suggesting that yellow/gold would be the unifying color.  Do you know how many different yellow/golds there are?  How can that possibly unify a scrappy quilt, I thought.  But as I’ve looked at the pictures people have posted, and these first four blocks of mine, I definitely see it.  The yellow/gold make a sort of warmth through the blocks that ties them together. It is much more subtle than say red, but it really does work.  I should know not to question Sophie’s logic.

 I also followed her tip on squaring up at each step of the block.  It really helps to keep the size on track.

All in all, I love this block.  But I have been incredibly lucky and have plenty to work on here, especially with my new modern clover blocks.  So I’ll be donating my blocks this month.  Here are my first four.  I hope to make more.

Janet S

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