2 from mb. in Florida

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I hope to make many many of this lovely block (really, I love it, I am toying with making a few in each size just for my own), BUT in another two weeks the old kitchen is being torn out (YAY) & I have no clue how the rest of August is going to play out so without further ado, here are my two:

I promise, the flower on the left is purple.  It is the same purple I used in my JUL blocks, which also looked black.  So I took the same photo & dialed down the saturation & got:

So you can see it IS purple, though now the black no longer looks black  & the other flower which was fine in the first photo is now all wrong.  Now I’m worried that the color of my new cabinets will not be the color I think it is.  *sigh* 

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