Checkerboards Mailed

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Two identical packages went out today to Ronda and Shannon.

Does anyone else have problems with the post office? I’m in Rhode Island and today I paid more for the envelope to Ohio than for the one going to Canada! She explained that the one to Ohio was charged as a parcel (because it wasn’t flat), but she charged the one to Canada as flat so I wouldn’t need to complete a customs form. I tried to press her that if one was considered flat, why wasn’t the other? I thought if it was less than 1/4″ thick, it was flat. It was like talking to a brick wall! I pay a different rate each time depending on who is behind the counter. Ugh!


  1. I often leave the post office frustrated. She gets out her cardboard slot thing to measure. What I get charged varies. I understand the brick wall. I think she tries to get me the lowest price most of the time. I try to stay on good terms with her, since I need to get in there at least once a month. (she is the only one working behind the counter)

  2. If it fits through their little slot measuring thingie, it is not a package. Ask her to show you next time.

    Do try to get the envelope as flat as possible. I wrap my blocks in Press n Seal to get all the air out.

  3. Some USPS Clerks won't even use the slot measuring thingy if you ask–they just tell you it's too thick and charge the parcel rate … ask me how I know.

    I'm curious to find my new local post office and check out the staff … I'm hoping for a big improvement 😉

  4. My post office (in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY) is among the worst i've encountered. It's pretty scary to even go in there (you've heard the term "going postal" right?). Sometimes I'll go to a better post office in different neighborhood, but if the addresses are all domestic I just load them up with stamps and throw them in a mailbox. I'm sure I pay extra, but its worth it to avoid the stress!

  5. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try to press & seal.

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