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I would like to thank the academy for allowing me the privilege of announcing the randomly chosen winners for this month’s blocks. The lucky soon to be happy folks are:

1. Mary Beth
2. Ginny
3. Cathy C.
4. Shannon B.
5. Terry
6. Vivi


  1. Congrats to this month's winners. Sooooo lucky they are!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners. Make something pretty!

  3. Wow, and I only made two this month. Thanks. Looking forward to work on this block.

  4. YES the Block Lotto gods have smiled on me! I promised them I would donate the rest of my chances for the rest of the year & now I have to!

  5. goodness, the block lotto gods have smiled on me too! thank you so much 😉

  6. Congratulations ladies!

  7. I am so happy! What great news! These atre so pretty!

  8. OK, block lotto gods, I have been playing all year and no wins so far, any chance for next month? I promise to make 9!! Seriously though, congrats to all the winners!!

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