Belinda Has Received Blocks

Posted by on December 20, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

I have received my squishie package from TERRY in California! I still haven’t opened any of them yet. I am saving them for Christmas. I’m kind of afraid I might not have anything to open Christmas morning! HA!!

The only ones I am waiting for are from Gwen in Novia Scotia, I know she mailed them on the 6th of Dec. They just haven’t made it here yet, maybe soon!


p.s. Has anyone else noticed a problem/difference in your blogger post page. The only selections I have are to check my spelling… a photo and to preview????


  1. Gotta love the Canada Post snail mail. Guess I'll have to pay the premium postage next time so that you folk actually get to see the blocks.
    ps…maybe they'll arrive tomorrow…..

  2. I don't really mind Gwen. It's fun to have something to look forward to, I know when your's gets here my daily excitement for the mail to get here will be over…..sniff sniff!

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