Scrappy Trips Blocks from Angela C.

Posted by on December 2, 2011 in blocks | 9 comments

This message is for Michelle Lynch…..I will send your blocks to you as soon as possible.
Sophie…I am postin this because I am in the hospital with our 12 yr. old daughter who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Luekemia. We are scheduled to spend another 2 weeks here before the possibility to go home, we have already been here for 7 days. Anyways, I will send them as soon as I get home and get them packed. Also, i would greatly appreciate it if you all would prya for our little girl. Her name is Heaven. Thank you Sophie and to all of you other quilters. May you all have awonderful CHRISTmas.


  1. Angela, your daughter Heaven and you will be in my prayers. Don't worry a BIT about the Block Lotto,just take care of your little girl … and yourself!

  2. Yes, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Heaven!!!

  3. Prayers going up!

  4. Angela,
    Please do not worry about the blocks. Whenever you can send them will be fine. I have no immediate plans for them and plenty of other sewing to keep me busy right now anyway. We will add your daughter to our prayers.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are sent to you and Heaven.

  6. Angela
    My son was diagnosed with Leukaemia in Oct 2002 (aged 26). He is still with us thanks to a bone marrow transplant from one of his brothers and has a family of his own now. My thoughts, hopes and very best wishes are with you,your daughter and the rest of your family but remember to take care of yourself as she will need you well. Love, Jo in Oman

  7. Angela, we will be thinking of you and your darling daughter, praying for your family. Take care.

  8. my nephew died of leukemia many years ago when they did not have the wonderful treatments of today. there is so much hope now, that we did not have then. Gene was sprayed with Agent Orange in Viet Nam and that was the "unofficial" cause.

    My thoughts are with you in these tough days you have with Heaven. And may you and she be home and well as soon as possible.


  9. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I remember what it was like when my brother was diagnosed with ALL in 2002, and from what I remember AML is harder to cure.

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