May winners

Posted by on May 31, 2018 in housekeeping | 4 comments

3 winners this month.
1st. Myrna
2nd Teresa.dodson
3rd Linda E
Congratulations , you lucky ducks.
Jean Sophie will let us know posting details etc.
May I say a huge thankyou to you all for putting up with a non typing,non techno, quilter this month.
I ‘m glad you all liked this block, we ended up with 171 blocks to give away.Not too shabby.
Thanks to all the donors too,you really are generous.
Massive thanks to Jean Sophie for holding my hand for the month ,I hope I helped in some small way.


  1. A great month! Thanks Beth..

  2. Wow, a wonderful month, indeed!

  3. I can’t seem to find where I send my winners blocks?

    • Hi Julianne,
      I believe Jean Sophie will be sending each of us our mailing details.
      I don’t have anyones postal addresses. Maybe Jean Sophie is a bit unwell,after all that’s why she put the call out for volunteers at the start of the year.I’ll get in contact with her and see if I can help out with the mailing details.

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