A Goose of Another Colour

Posted by on March 13, 2009 in block lotto community | Comments Off on A Goose of Another Colour

These month’s block inspired me to pull out some scrappy swap Flying Geese units and put them together into blocks like ours. The FG units are 3 by 6 inches (finished); my blocks are 9 inches (finished size).

I mostly put them together into monochromatic blocks with light-medium-dark flying geese triplets. It was fun putting them together because the swap was on of those “anything goes” kind of things and I had all kinds of fabrics represented. I made a few extra geese, including some from some of the jewel tone fabrics that were still on my work table. I added the same tan fabric strips to all my blocks. As you can see the look is completely different . . . but still pretty interesting (or at least, I think so 😉

I haven’t decided yet on borders. In my mind, I’m flip-flopping between more scrappiness in a pieced border, a simple darker fabric frame, or a combination of both. I’ll let you know how it turns out . . . the cats just want me to decide and stop using THEIR bed as a design wall and to put the flannel quilt back on it so they can crawl under it and have a warm, cuddly cat nap 😉

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