What are Jewel Tones?

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For this month we’re using color-saturated, rich colors based on gems like rubies, emeralds, and saphires. I think of jewel tones as having a little more richness and depth than “brights,” another category that looks great with black and with which they can overlap. (But don’t over think it as much as I obviously have . . . if you’re thinking jewel tone, you’re probably making great fabric choices and all of our blocks will play together wonderfully.)

Like I mentioned on the forum (or maybe it was in the sneek peek email), it seemed like a nice bit of synchronicity when I attended a trunk show by Patrick Lose a couple weeks ago and he brought along some of his Satinesque fabric line to sell in beautiful jewel tones . . . I couldn’t resist.

Jewel Tone Fabrics

Now that it’s washed and dried, I just need to make some blocks to donate and boost our newbie luck this month 😉

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